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    Top experts in the industry gather at the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Ocea

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    From November 1st to 3rd, 2019, with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, China Diving and Salvage Association (CDSA) once again joined hands with the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and the International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) to host the "2019 International Diving Salvage and Marine Engineering Equipment Exhibition" was held at Xiamen Fliport Convention and Exhibition Center. Thousands of representatives of relevant organizations and institutions at home and abroad, members and industry enterprise representatives, industry experts and professional audiences attended the event. This exhibition has also received great attention and strong support from Xiamen Municipal People's Government, Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau and other relevant units.

    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Rescue and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 1)

    Weng Mengyong, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Chairman of China Highway Society, Meng Qian, Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Song Jiahui, Chairman of China Diving and Salvage Industry Association, Allen Leatt, Executive President of International Maritime Contractors Association, Ning Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager of Yangtze River Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivered speeches.

    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Rescue and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 2)

    Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, President of China Highway Society

    Weng Mengyong

    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 3)

    Meng Qian, Deputy Mayor of Xiamen

    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 4)

    Song Jiahui, Chairman of China Diving and Salvage Industry Association


    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 5)

    Allen Leatt, Executive President, International Association of Maritime Contractors


    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 6)

    Ning Xiao, Deputy General Manager of Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. East


    Under the guidance of my country's "Marine Power" strategy and the "One Belt, One Road" policy, as the only national industry organization in the domestic diving and salvage industry, the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association firmly grasps this rare opportunity. Historical opportunities, follow the general development idea of "one goal, two pursuits, and three services", boldly innovate and forge ahead, strengthen the self-discipline management of the industry, and strive to play the role of bridge and link of industry associations to provide members with high-quality services.


    "International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition" and forum is a meticulously built "member-centered service" to display new products, exchange new technologies, release new needs, and connect new It is an international platform for economic cooperation and technical exchange of business. It brings together domestic and foreign industry players to strengthen exchanges, share results, seek business opportunities, expand cooperation and achieve win-win results.


    ◆◆ Co-hosted by international industry associations Unique exhibition pattern ◆◆

    From September 2014, the association, IMCA and ADCI jointly held the first international forum and exhibition in Dalian. Tripartite cooperation framework agreement on forum content. This international exhibition is the fourth time that the three major international industry organizations have joined hands to further expand the industry after the successful three "International Diving, Salvage and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition" held in Xiamen in 2015, 2017 and 2018. It has far-reaching strategic significance to organize deeper exchanges and explore new ideas and new models for standardized management, scientific operation and international development of my country's diving and salvage industry.


    2019 coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of my country, the prosperous birthday, and the whole country celebrates it together. This exhibition will be a high-end platform for industry exchange and cooperation, resource sharing and complementary advantages. Supporting units include Xiamen Municipal People's Government, Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. Co., Ltd., Rescue and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Shenzhen Deweisheng Diving Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhongyi Hongbao (Group) Co., Ltd., Yangtze River Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. and other units.


    ◆◆ The industrial agglomeration of the exhibition significantly contributes to the development of the marine economy◆◆

    Gathered together the national industry organizations of sea-related and water-related services, gathered all the construction forces of marine economic development, and brought together Xiamen to serve Xiamen's marine economy.


    It is understood that from China Ocean Development Research Association, China Institute of Navigation, China Shipowners Association, China Dredging Association, China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association, China Port Association, China Maritime Law Association, China Communications and Transportation Association, China Water Fire Protection Association, China Radar Industry Association, China Productivity Promotion Center Association, Ministry of Civil Affairs Emergency Rescue Promotion Center and other national social organizations as co-organizers to support.


    The industry's top experts gathered at the 2019 International Diving and Rescue and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum. Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum Opening (Picture 7)


    This international exhibition has attracted powerful exhibitors from all over the world, covering engineering contractors, equipment suppliers, service providers and other supporting suppliers, professional scientific research institutions and training institutions Wait.


    In the exhibition hall of more than 10,000 square meters, more than 100 companies participated in the exhibition, and more than 300 booths displayed more than hundreds of high-end diving, salvage and marine engineering equipment.


    In particular, it has gathered large state-owned units, international industry associations, leading enterprises, product innovation service companies, professional training institutions, etc. The unit was remodeled, and the highlights of the exhibition projects were numerous.


    确认提交The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 8)


    China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Ministry of Transport Rescue and Salvage Bureau, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipping Co., Ltd., Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. , Guangzhou Shipbuilding International Co., Ltd., Yangtze River Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 750 Proving Ground, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation No. 726 Research Institute, Dalian Maritime University, Jimei University, China Radar Industry Association, Shanghai Jiaotong University Ocean Underwater Engineering Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Manyang Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Deweisheng Diving Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhongyi Hongbao (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Hailanxin Data Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengli Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. and other domestic industry leading units, as well as many exhibitors from overseas such as American salvage companies, Singapore Zhitong companies, and Japanese salvage companies.


    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 9)

    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 10)


    Hot exhibits cover offshore wind power installation and operation and maintenance, marine information service integration, offshore technology equipment (ROV, AUV, sonar, underwater robots, etc.), municipal engineering diving and underwater operation technology and equipment, underwater engineering quality testing technology and equipment, including engineering diving (saturated, mixed gas, air), public safety and emergency rescue diving, recreational diving, atmospheric diving system (ADS) and other diving technologies and equipment will be It is the key module of this year's exhibition.


    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 11)


    2019 also coincides with the eleventh anniversary of the establishment of the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association. In order to review the development process of China's diving education and training and underwater engineering inspection work, and show the results of China's diving education and training and underwater engineering inspection work, the organizing committee has set up a special area for diving education and training in China and a special area for underwater engineering inspection. The diving education and training area mainly displays the achievements of the association's nine diving education and training institutions in cultivating diving personnel in recent years; the underwater engineering testing area highlights the technical strength and equipment level of underwater engineering testing in the industry.

    ◆◆ Academician, etc. The industry's top experts gathered to "see and hear the development of the marine engineering industry", Ask, cut” ◆◆


    The 6th International Diving, Salvage and Ocean Engineering Technology Forum, held concurrently with the exhibition, focused on the theme of "Serving the "Belt and Road" to boost the marine development strategy, and invited marine policy research, marine Top experts and academicians in different research directions in marine construction fields such as energy resource exploitation, smart ocean construction, deep-sea space station and submersible manufacturing, shipbuilding industry manufacturing, marine emergency rescue and safety assurance, focusing on world marine (underwater) technological innovation and new technologies For the application of new equipment, conduct all-round and in-depth exchanges around the key, hot and difficult issues of technological development in the industry.


    The industry's top experts gather for the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Offshore Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum ( Figure 12)


    Weng Mengyong, former vice minister of the Ministry of Transport and chairman of the China Highway Society, Wang Fei, chairman of the China Ocean Development Research Association, Wang Zhenliang, director of the Rescue and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, and Song Jiahui, chairman of the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association Wait for the leaders to attend the forum and give speeches. The forum was chaired by Yan Weiping, Executive Vice Chairman of China Diving and Salvage Industry Association.


    Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Shouwei, Honorary Director of the 702nd Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Yousheng, Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources of China Researcher and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Pan Delu, leader of the emergency expert group of the State Council of China, and deputy director of the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Committee, Shan Chunchang, and other top national experts attended the forum to lead the industry's technological frontier; China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. corporate leaders came to the forum to share corporate development experience; leaders from international organizations such as the American Diving Contractors Association, the American Salvage Association, the British Maritime Contractors Association, the Canadian Yacht Club, and the American Diving Alert Network took the initiative to communicate with foreign industry associations Governance status and industry development.


    In today's era when the R&D and application of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is striving to rise, the organizing committee is ingenious, and through the effective form of the exhibition venue and the international forum, it has organically displayed product display and business cooperation. , technical exchanges, cutting-edge topics and high-end arguments, etc., have formed a strong atmosphere in which the content and form of international exhibitions and summit forums complement each other, interact and complement each other. The new market situation has opened up new horizons and achieved new results, bringing new opportunities for industrial innovation and intelligent expansion of my country's diving and salvage industry in the new era.


    China Diving and Salvage Industry Association was established on June 2, 2008 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Facility construction, diving and salvage equipment manufacturing, diving medical support, marine and maritime scientific research, teaching, training, insurance and other related institutions voluntarily form industry and non-profit social groups. After the establishment of the association, the development system and mechanism of government supervision and self-discipline management of the diving and salvage industry in my country have been formed. The Central and State Organs Working Committee, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Ministry of Transport are the leading, management and business guidance departments of the industry association.


    Today, the member units of China Diving and Salvage Association have grown from 114 at the beginning to nearly 550. The association has 4 offices and 9 professional committees. Over the past ten years, the association has gradually developed into an influential industry association at home and abroad. On the basis of the original engineering diving and salvage services, the association scientifically builds various diving development and integration platforms such as marine and hydraulic engineering diving, underwater engineering quality inspection, municipal engineering diving, fishery industry diving, leisure and public safety and emergency rescue diving. Promote the development of diving technology and equipment such as air diving (self-carrying, tube supply, reloading), mixed gas diving, saturation diving, and ADS.


    Source: Ocean Net < a href="https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-EX3mlidwblZMVr3mHEUfQ">The industry's top experts gathered at the opening of the 2019 International Diving, Salvage and Ocean Engineering Equipment Exhibition and Forum


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